• About BMAK Membership

    We accept membership from from students to senior professionals, from public heath (healthcare), veterinary, agriculture, academia, emergency response, law enforcement, pharmaceutical/biotech industries and regulatory affairs. There are two types of memberships i.e Individual and corporate membership.

  • How to become a member

    • Create an online BMAK account by registering at https://bmak.or.ke/join
    • Confirm your BMAK membership (You'll receive a confirmation email)
    • MPESA Payment: Pay K.Sh 5,000 via MPESA Paybill number 488488 and Account number 1003176912. Note that for corporate membership the fee is K.Sh 40,000
    • Alternatively, you can make a Direct Payment via Bank Account: Pay K.Sh 5,000 (for individual membership) OR K.Sh 40,000 (for corporate membership) to NCBA Account No: 1003176912, TRM Branch
    • Acknowledgment of payment and Membership Certificate: On completion of online registration and payment of online fees, you will be given a unique BMAK Membership ID and a soft copy of a Membership certificate verifiable at bmak.or.ke/verify

  • Types of membership

    Individual Membership

    This is membership suitable for individuals looking for single membership. The annual fee for this membership is K.Sh 5000/50 US Dollars.

    Corporate Membership

    This is membership suitable for corporate bodies and institutions. The minimum number of members is 2 and a maximum of 40 members The annual fee for this membership is K.Sh 40,000/400 US Dollars.